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The White Lotus

A bunch of privileged people go on a swanky vacation... what could go wrong?

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Mike White’s comedy-drama (which at times borders on cringe-horror) was a breakout success during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, as The White Lotus took an all-star cast to a beautiful Hawaiian resort and let them unleash their worst, most privileged impulses. The first season starred Jennifer Coolidge, Steve Zahn, Sydney Sweeney, Jake Lacy, Alexandra Daddario, Connie Britton, Murray Bartlett, and more.

A second season, which will be set in Sicily, once more stars Coolidge and another equally impressive cast. Season two stars F. Murray Abraham, Aubrey Plaza, Theo James, Haley Lu Richardson, Tom Hollander, Michael Imperioli, and more.

  1. Episode 6 Departures
    The White Lotus Season-Finale Recap: Mess With a Guest, Die Like the Rest A dark and hectic finale delivers on all its promises. The hotel staff is left completely totaled, and the squirmy, unthinking rich are just leaving.
  2. Episode 5 The Lotus-Eaters
    The White Lotus Recap: Hateful Is the Dark-Blue Sky We finally see the Pineapple Suite and it’s too pineapple-y.
  3. Episode 4 Recentering
    The White Lotus Recap: What Do You Stand For? When they’re not distracting themselves, the guests try to pinpoint what is important to them and come up empty.
  4. Episode 3 Mysterious Monkeys
    The White Lotus Recap: Sex Talks A sex-driven episode is variously divisive, clandestine, lusty, affirming, embarrassing, and solitary — but never very sexy.
  5. Episode 2 A New Day
    The White Lotus: Hawaiian K-Hole Shane is now fighting a two-front war between Armand’s Pineapple Suite obstruction and his new wife’s growing existential crisis.
  6. Episode 1 Arrivals
    The White Lotus Premiere Recap: Tropical Kabuki Hell is other people on your vacation.
  1. Episode 7 Arrivederci
    The White Lotus Season-Finale Recap: Dead in the Water We finally learn who died on their Sicilian vacation, and in true The White Lotus fashion, it’s anything but straightforward.
  2. Episode 6 Abductions
    The White Lotus Recap: Suspicious Minds A common fan theory is validated, and opens the door for even more speculation.
  3. Episode 5 That’s Amore
    The White Lotus Recap: Whoopsie As family secrets are being kept and revealed back at the resort, a new one is brewing in Palermo.
  4. Episode 4 In the Sandbox
    The White Lotus Recap: Highs and Lows While Harper’s trip takes a nosedive, things are suddenly looking up for Tanya and Portia.
  5. Episode 3 Bull Elephants
    The White Lotus Recap: Change of Heart Harper begins the day trying on a new personality for her husband’s sake, and ends it anxious Ethan might do the same.
  6. Episode 2 Italian Dream
    The White Lotus Recap: Power Trip Harper and Cameron challenge each other more than their respective partners do, and the very idea of being challenged catches them both off guard.
  7. Episode 1 Ciao
    The White Lotus Recap: Picture It, Sicily, 2022 It’s our guests’ first day at the resort, and already infidelity and debauchery are afoot.

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    The Black Lotus Promises Zero Foolishness on SNL“Is the ocean the hotel? Because I work at the hotel.”
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    Come Read Jennifer Coolidge’s Golden Globes Acceptance SpeechWhy would anyone want to get this woman off the stage?
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    Who’s Going to Win at the Comeback Golden Globes?This newly reformed awards show feels harder to predict than ever — not just who’s going to win but who’s going to show up.
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    Aubrey Plaza to Drew Barrymore: ‘Feed Me’“Be my mommy.”
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    Which Fictional Hotels Are You Most Likely to Get Murdered In?Why do people keep checking into White Lotus resorts?
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    Which of the Cheaters Actually Boned in the White Lotus Finale?Next season, they can just have an orgy.
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    Beatrice Grannò Channeled Lady Gaga for Those White Lotus Piano Scenes“I had to show off but also be disturbing.”
  8. last night on late night
    Trickster Meghann Fahy Forgot to Mention Aubrey Plaza Was Tripping BallsYou’d be rude to Italian motorists too if you were on mushrooms.
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    Jennifer Coolidge Tried to Get Mike White to Change The White Lotus’s Ending“Mike likes to stick to reality.”
  10. close read
    The Real Cost of The White LotusThe best things — really all things — in life? They definitely are not free.
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